Questions PDF- 7: Veterinary Anatomy and Veterinary Physiology

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Estrous cycle: different stages in domestic animals

Following the onset of puberty in domestic animals there is the development of a physiologic rhythm of the reproductive system called the “Estrous cycle”. ....  Read More

Scapula, Humerus and Radius-Ulna of Rabbit

Scapula of rabbit is long and narrow. It has 2 surfaces, 3 borders and 3 angels. Humerus has 2 extremities and 4 surfaces of shaft. Radius is smaller and Ulna is larger in rabbit. They articulate with each other at their extremities enclosing a narrow interosseous space and permit a certain degree of movement. Interosseous space present above the middle. Interosseous space is very narrow or practically absent.
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Plastination In Animals

Plastination is the preservation technique for biological specimens with the help of plastins or plastinates. Plastination has emerged as a ray of hope for near ideal preservation of biological specimens. It is the process of replacing water and lipids in biological tissues by polymers (such as Silicone, Polyester, Epoxy) which harden subsequently to yield dry, durable and light weight specimens (Plastinates).
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Muscles and Blood supply of Hind limb

Muscles of hind limb are Sublumbar muscles, Muscles of Hip & Thigh including lateral, medial and cranial muscles of hip and thigh, Muscles of leg & foot.
Blood supply to hind limb is by external and internal iliac arteries and its branches.
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