Types of Suture materials

Types of suture materials are;

  • Absorbable suture material
    • Catgut
      • Type A (Plain)
      • Type B (Mild chromic)
      • Type C (Medium chromic)
      • Type D (Extra chromic)
    • Kangaroo tendon
      • Made up from tendon taken from tail of kangaroo
    • Fascia lata
      • Made up from fascia lata of bovine
    • Cargile membrane
      • Made up from bovine caecum
    • Polyglycolic acid suture material
      • It is non toxic, strong suture material
    • Polyglactin 910
      • Consisting of glycolic acid and lactic acid in the ratio of 9:1
    • Polydioxanone
      • Monofilament polymer of paradioxanone
    • Collagen
      • It is obtained from the bovine flexor tendon and treated with formaldehyde or chromic acid or both
  •  Non absorbable suture material
    • Silk
      • It is obtained from the cocoon of silkworm, processed to remove its natural waxes, gums and dyes with a vegetable dye
    • Silk worm gut
    • Cotton
    • Linen
      • Braided material obtained from vegetable fibres
    • Nylon
      • It is obtained from hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid
    • Horse hair
    • Umbilical tape
      • Cotton tape suture
    • Pagenstecher
    • Vetafil
      • Non-irritant, non-capillary synthetic fibers
    • Stainless steel wire
      • Available as simple or twisted form
    • Aluminium wire
    • Wound clips
    • Prolene
      • Monofilament polymer of propylene


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