Tips for how to do profitable Poultry farming in Poultry businesses

Poultry farming in India is a very profitable business. Poultry business require proper planning and management.

Tips for how to do profitable Poultry farming in Poultry businesses are as follows;

  • By getting the day old chicks
  • Brooding the chicks
  • Making of your own poultry feeds
  • Growing the birds to maturity
  • Protects from predators
  • Provide additional concentrate feeding
  • Clean sanitary condition of poultry equipments
  • Proper vaccination and veterinary care
  • Poultry manure, if infected, can spread disease, hence keep the litter dry
  • Make the drinking and feeding cans to be adequate
  • When the birds are many, do not use just one small container, use bigger containers and they should be more than one
  • Clean their houses and make sure the floor is dry
  • When you allow their floor to be wet, they start having cough and other respiratory infection and their growth will be retarded
  • Any disease suspected bird or injured bird should be isolated and observed
  • It is good that you have a small house for isolating birds
  • Requires a lot of work such as feeding them everyday, washing their water cans
  • You need to make light available for them but the light should be dim such that they can only see the feeding and water cans so that they will not become excited and start jumping around in the night
  • Avoid the use of bright light
  • Try to make your chickens bigger and cheaper: people love buying good things and at cheaper prices.

For more details please download the attachment- PPT.


2 thoughts on “Tips for how to do profitable Poultry farming in Poultry businesses”

  1. Hi guys,
    Appreciation for your efforts to compile everything in a very short but easy to understand manner, and I love the point of keeping floor dry because many of us don’t know that wet litter increase ammonia percentage in the shed.

    Keep up good work.
    Best regards

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