How can we make differences between Wool and Hair?

Differences between Wool and Hair


  • Medulla is almost absent
  • Cuticle is irregular
  • Diameter is less
  • Sides are as scaly projections
  • Growth is continuous if not sheared
  • Softness is more
  • Elasticity is more
  • Heat retention is more
  • Moisture retention is more (12-17%)
  • Dye retention; almost permanent markings are there
  • Luster is more


  • Medulla is present
  • Cuticle is regular and smooth
  • Diameter is more
  • Sides are smooth
  • Growth reaches a maximum and then shed
  • Softness is less
  • Elasticity is less
  • Heat retention is less
  • Moisture retention is less (7-12%)
  • Dye retention; temporary
  • Luster is less

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