Hormones of Gastrointestinal tract

Hormones of Gastrointestinal tract

Gastrin: Secreted from Stomach-pyloric mucosa

CCK–Pz (Cholecystokinin-pancreozymin): Secreted from Upper small intestine

Secretin: Secreted from Upper small intestine

Gut glucagon: Secreted from Stomach and small intestine

Gastrone: Secreted from Stomach

Villikinin: Secreted from Upper small intestine

Hepatocrinin and Enterocrinin: Secreted from Intestine

GIP (Gastro inhibitory peptide): Secreted from Duodenum and jejunum

Enterogastrone: Secreted from Duodenum

VIP (Vascoactive intestinal peptide): Secreted from Entire small intestine and colon

Motilin and chymodenin: Secreted from Duodenum and jejunum

Enterooxytocin: Secreted from Small intestine

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